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Most of my works are available for sale as original works of art and some are available as photographs, licensed images, or Zenfolio vendor products. If you wish to purchase an original work of art or have questions, please email me.

The prices for my original works of art are posted at full retail value. Please email me if you wish to make a counter-offer for one or more of my original works.
NudeNudeFigure StudyFigure StudyFigure StudyFigure StudyFigure StudyFigure StudyViking BuddaNudeJohn in Side ViewJohn in Front ViewJohn Lunging with Bent ArmsLittle SketchesJohn Laying with Hands on ChestFemale with One Hand Over the OtherMale UALR Model's HeadPregnant WomanUALR Drawing Room